• One of the eleven (11) original production LHD "Flip Tail" Vantages imported into the USA. At the time, "the fastest production car in the world"!
• An original left hand drive (LHD) car
• Original engine/transmission (matching numbers).
• Fitted with European Tuned Vantage engine V580X "X" Pack
• Offered with factory Build Sheet/Owners Instruction Manual/Workshop Manual/Parts Catalog/Car Jack, Car Cover etc.
• Has been with the current owner since 1991
• Condition 1

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Full Description

Car fitted with European tuned V8 Vantage V580X, "X" pack
Engine originally built by Bob Butler (AML)
Engine starts without hesitation from cold.

Engine compartment is in overall very good original condition. All parts appear complete, side screens, heat shields, radiator surround and belt guard etc. all fitted.
Brake boosters appear in good condition and plated.
No coolant leaks were visible.
No fuel leaks were visible
No brake/steering fluid leaks were visible.
Owner claims engine oil/filter was changed in July 2016.
All fluids appear clean.

Fuel System:
No visible fuel leaks.
Owner claims that the fuel tank has been cleaned and flushed.

Cooling System:
No visible coolant leaks were observed. Coolant appears clean.

Exhaust System:
Exhaust system. Stainless Steel exhaust system fitted.
There are no leaks from the exhaust.

Transmission: 5-Speed manual ZF gearbox.
Shifting appears to be normal. Car was driven in forward and reverse gears.
No leaks observed from the rear axle/diff.

Steel Wings upgraded suspension

Power assisted steering:
No leaks visible from steering rack. Fluid appears clean.
Steering rack boots are in serviceable condition
Steering wheel goes lock to lock without hesitation.

Brakes System:
Brake fluid appears clean.
Rotors front and rear are correct with reasonable wear.
No visible brake fluid leaks were observed.

Exterior Glass:
Windscreen and backlight in good condition.
Windscreen and backlight rubbers are serviceable.
All side glass (front quarter lights, door windows and rear quarter lights all Triplex "Sundym" Glass.
Front Quarter light (LHS & RHS) rubbers are in good condition.
Door waistline outer rubbers (LHS & RHS) are in good condition.
Door outer edge rubber is in good condition.
Door felts are in good condition.
Rear quarter lights seals are in good condition.

Exterior Brightwork (Chrome):
Front bumper in good condition.
Rear bumper in good condition.
Front grille/Spot lights in good condition.
Door mirrors are in good condition. Windshield surround and back light surround in good condition.
Stainless steel sill covers are in good condition. (Minor dent in each side cover)

Exterior lamps/lens:
The headlamps are in good order and working condition.
The front direction indicators are in good order and working condition.
The rear brake/tail/ direction indicator lenses are in good order and working condition.
The license plate lamps are correct and functional
The reversing lamps are correct and functional

Chassis in overall good condition. Floor pans etc. in good order.

All door, trunk and hood gaps are good. The truck lid fitted with Steel Wings strut kit.
The overall condition of the paintwork is very good
The front and rear valances are complete, appear original and have no damage.

The overall condition of the interior is very good.
The interior leather, carpets and headliner/sun visors all in very good condition.
Interior replaced during restoration.
The trunk carpeting and spare wheel cover has all been replaced.
All instruments and warning lights are functional and correct.
The radio is AM/FM/CD MR-406 McIntosh Unit (Original radio is supplied with the car)
Original air conditioning system in working order. Blows cool/cold.

Car fitted with upgraded Ronal wheels. (Including spare)
Tires size: 255/50/ZR16
Tire Brand: BF Goodrich ForceSport
Tire pressures: 32 psi all around.
Tire condition: Thread depth 7/32nds
Full set (5) original GKN alloy wheels and hubs are in excellent condition and are supplied with the car.

The car starts without hesitation.
The "fly-off" hand brake is good.
Car runs and drives with no abnormal squeaks and bangs.
Car accelerates and changes gear as expected.
The car brakes are positive and car stops in a straight line.
All lights (headlights, directional indicators, brake and reversing lights all functional.
Windscreen washers and wipers are functional.

Ownership History:
The car was originally delivered to Aston Martin Lagonda, King of Prussia, PA and was
sold to AML dealer Jack Weaver (Mississippi) in 1978. First owner, Walt Somerville,
Camel, CA. Brokered/Sold by Chris Salyer to current owner 1991.

Overall assessment:
This car is an original left hand drive (LHD), U.S. spec. The car does have the original engine etc. The car is in overall very good condition.
The low mileage (49,694) appears genuine based upon the service records.
The car is complete.

The Aston Martin V8 Vantage offers blinding performance in a traditional manner…..with typical Aston Martin refinement.

With no turbos fitted the Vantage offers extraordinary torque and power, with the power flow being constant.
The V8 Vantage offers all the refinements of a grand tourer yet with performance levels that are superior to all other highly tuned and often twitchy sports cars.
The V8 Vantage (with "X" Pack), claims 432 BHP, offering a top speed of 180 mph and 0-60 mph in 5.2 seconds.

The V8 Vantage has the hallmark fittings of having a front & rear valances, blanked off radiator grille with Cibie driving lights and bonnet scoop. Rear "fliptail" faired into the rear boot lid and body.
The Aston Martin V8 Vantage has gone down in automotive history as one of the all-time high performance cars. Britain's first "Supercar".
Enthusiasts who appreciate such performance can do no better.

This particular car is an original left hand drive (LHD) car and is one of the eleven (11) production V8 Vantages exported to North America.
Originally delivered to Aston Martin Lagonda, King of Prussia, PA the car was sold to the Aston Martin dealer in Mississippi (Jack Weaver). The car then ended up in the caring hands of Walt Somerville, Camel, CA. The moved onto Chris Salyer who sold to the car to the current owner in 1991 and the engine was upgraded to V580 "X" Pack specifications at the same time.
The current owner had the car restored in 2008. (Paint & Interior).

During this period the car has had the unreliable Lucas "Opus" electronic ignition replaced with Steel Wings MSD ignition kit. The front and rear suspension has been serviced. The front suspension has been upgraded using Steel Wings handling kit.

The car is painted in its original color, Raven Black.
The interior was completely replaced during restoration. Light Gray leather, piped in black. With Wilton wool grey carpets, piped in black and gray mohair headlining.

All systems and assemblies have been fully checked and are fully operational.
The car is a very solid original car. The car is in out standing condition with no chassis or body rot.
The car has been meticulously maintained evident by the volumes of service records, (supplied with car).

This car is an absolute delight to drive.
This is a very rare/unique opportunity to own one of the extremely rare original LHD V8 Vantages. (One of eleven (11) cars imported into USA).
The car is fully serviced.
The car is currently available for inspection

Car supplied complete with:
Original factory build sheet (Aston Martin Lagonda)
Owners Instruction Manual/Parts Catalog/Workshop Manual
Box containing extensive complete service records
Vehicle jack
Fire extinguisher
Several sets of keys
Original GKN wheels/hubs
Four boxes of parts
Car Cover
Battery charger

Overall condition: 1

Asking Price: Price on application

For further details and a copy of a full comprehensive inspection report.
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Office: 215-322-7420

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Chassis Number: V8/11883/LCA/V
Engine Number: V540/1883/LFM
5-Speed ZF manual gearbox (001073)
Rear Axle: Ratio 3:54 (H77/145R)
Key Numbers: Door FT170/Boot FS945/ Ignition FR171

Delivered: AML, King of Prussia, PA, USA. (March 1978)
Current Indicated Mileage: 49,694 miles (believed original from service records)
Speedometer: Miles Per Hour (MPH)
Left Hand Drive

Color: Raven Black
Interior Trim: Light Gray leather, piped in black. Gray Mohair headliner
Carpets: Wilton Wool (Light Gray leather, piped in black)