1953 Aston Martin DB3 - SOLD


• One of ten DB3s built between 1951-1953
• Original body with original grill
• Period race history
• Matching numbers

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Full Description

Steel Wings is excited to present this beautifully restored DB3 Aston Martin with period race history and matching numbers.

Aston Martin built ten DB3's from 1951-1953. DB3/8 is thought to be one of seven DB3's left in existence, and the only DB3 left with all of its original body including the original grill. During the restoration particular attention was paid to preserving as much of the original parts as possible including rebuilding and fitting the original engine.

The engine is currently fitted with 45DCOE Webers instead of the original 45DCO3 carburetors. The engine was dyno tested with the original carburetors when rebuilt and later changed for purposes of making part throttle drivability better. The original carburetors and manifolds come with the car.

The Aston Martin Owners Club Registers list the following information on DB3/8.

Still with original body
B.R.D.C. Silverstone (Downing), 22nd overall, 11th

M.M.E.C. Silverstone (Downing),
1st handicap, 71.91 m.p.h.

Snetterton (Parnell),
1st overall, 80.01 m.p.h.

B.A.R.C. Goodwood (Boles),
1st handicap, 76.06 m.p.h.

Snetterton (Boles),
2nd, 77.06 m.p.h. and 4th overall

Dutch Sports Car G.P. Zandfoort (Beaumann),
1st, 77.41 m.p.h.

Wiscombe (Coombes), 4th
Castle Combe (Coombes)

Additional information we found listed with other sources on DB3/8

May 9, 1953
Silverstone International
Ken Downing, 22nd

May 25, 1953
National Thruxton
Ken Downing, 3rd

June 18, 1953
British Empire Trophy
Ken Downing (Did not start)

In 1954 Sir Jeremy boles, wealthy privateer acquired DB3/8

April 10, 1954
British Empire Trophy
Don Beauman (DNF, brakes)

April 19, 1954
Second Easter Handicap
Jeremy Boles

May 29, 1954
Aintree International
Jeremy Boles, 11th

June 6, 1954
B.A.R.C. Goodwood
Jeremy Boles, 1st

June 19, 1954
Natl Snetterton (Aston handicap)
Jeremy Boles, 2nd

June 19, 1954
Natl Snetterton (unlimited)
Jeremy Boles, 4th

June 27, 1954
Don Beauman/ John Risley-Prichard, DNF

August 15, 1954
Zandfoort International
Don Beaumann, 5th (1st in S3.0)

October 23, 1954
GP Penya-Rhin
Don Beaumann

June 18, 1972
AMOC Martini International at Sliverstone

April 20, 1985
Wiscombe Hill Climb
Victor Gauntlet

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Chassis number DB3/8
Engine number DP101R20